February 10, 2010

Which one will the fountain bless…?

Posted in English, Fav. Lyrics, Places, Reflections at 11:55 pm by Rou...

For some reason I feel nostalgic and seem to long to Fontana di Trevi of Roma whenever I hear Sinatra’s warm voice humming“Three coins in a fountain; each one seeking happiness; thrown by three hopeful lovers… Which one will the fountain bless…? Three hearts in a fountain; each heart longing for its home, there they lie in the fountain, somewhere in the heart of Rome… Which one will the fountain bless…?”…


May be because we were three together by the fountain that day…


May be because, despite of not believing in it, I did follow the traditional legend of throwing a coin into the fountain with my right hand over my left shoulder, and seeing the coin at the bottom underneath the water, I hopefully prayed my wish would come true…


May be because, despite of not believing in it too, Valentine’s is approaching and a strange feeling of emptiness is invading me…


Or may be because, despite of the fact the I always say that I’m better off on my own, I know deep inside that I am in a deep need of someone to share my everyday life with…


And as Sinatra keep on singing“Three coins in a fountain; through the ripples how they shine, just one wish will be granted; one heart will wear a Valentine…”,a mixture of feelings pile up together filling my heart and mind; nostalgia and longing, together with an immense amount of love and emotions reserved… just for… him… whosever he will eventually turn out to be…


I really don’t know… I am just… still praying for that wish to be fulfilled…


Dear God, please…“Make it mine… Make it mine… Make it mine…”



Fontana di Trevi 


* Photos by Rou…



  1. nerro said,

    ya tama3a ;p
    ya rab…wishing you love, warmth, and eternal happiness

  2. A.A. said,

    i wish ur dream will come true,,very touching words Rou,,keep going:)

  3. Rou... said,

    matefhamineesh ghalat ya Nerro 🙂 Thanks sweets, ya Rab Amen to all of us! 🙂

    Ayman, thank you so much for your words..

    • imran safdar sheikh said,

      may your dreams come true

      • Rou... said,

        Thank you..

  4. Teared apart said,

    dream dream dream

  5. Rou... said,

    yea, i will keep dreaming ya Ramy, don’t worry!

  6. Teared apart said,

    I know dear,You wont back down…..

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