March 8, 2010

The challenge of being a woman…

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Today, March 8, 2010, marks the worldwide celebration of women through the International Women’s Day (IWD), which has been celebrated every year on the same day since 1911, which means that next year is going to mark a full century of celebrating great women who faced hardships with their inner strength…

I so much wanted to do something to celebrate it this year on PTP, but after having a conversation with my dear friend Mermaid I realized there couldn’t be a better way than celebrating it within ourselves, as women…

I mean, how many times have you felt proud of yourself for being a woman…? How many times have you taken hard decisions and made difficult choices, not thinking twice about the fact that you are a “woman”, fa it might not be suitable to do so and so….? Have you ever thought how this world could have possibly been without women…? Do you think there could have been any sense of inspiration without us…?

I am not a “feminist” by the way, in the common meaning of the word, but I am proud I am a female, and if it were my choice, I would have chosen to be a female… because I believe women can endure a lot more than men, and seriously most of the women I know are more dedicated, faithful, and responsible than most of the men I ever came across…

Yes, I admit it, we are crazy, we can be the sun and rain, the fire and ice, all at once… but this is the beauty of being a woman… anything but typical, and so damn unpredictable…

The question is, why do most women lack this feeling of confidence about their own beauty…? I personally believe that the dilemma about being a woman in our community starts from the day she is born, and even though I truly thank God I was not raised up as such, but I have seen it happening around me in almost about all stages of my life… I have seen things allowed for males while out of question for females, just because they are females… I have seen girls hating the fact that they are girls… talking and acting in a Manish way, with a hope that this might give them rights they do not have, or save them troubles they might face… forgetting that the most beautiful thing about us, women, is the fact that we ARE women, not men!

I do not want to make this long, so I will end here with something I wrote about a year ago; a very short piece named “أنثى”:

بداخلي كل التناقضات
معان للحب… و معان أخرى للحيرة
بداخلي سكون وإحتواء… و نيران موقدة
أعاصير و حروب و ثورات
بداخلي طفولة ونضج… قوة و ضعف… صمود و إستسلام
بداخلي أنثى

I think… this is simply what a female is about…

I started with myself over here, but I hope it will not end here… So, I invite all the special women* on our beloved PTP to join the experience of celebrating their womanhood… Let’s share together the mysterious beauty every woman holds deep inside… the harbor of feelings, emotions, thoughts, and actions we carry within our souls…

And remember, you are the most beautiful enigma the world had ever known…

Happy Women’s Day!

* Tab3an our male friends are so much welcomed to join! 🙂



  1. A.A. said,

    women’s day,,thats funny indeed!!

  2. ibhog said,

    the most beautiful enigma the world had ever known ..

    you know, somehow .. it’s not only about inspiration that the world would’ve lacked had it been only for men, but about beauty. Women have it in them to cherish beauty without having urges to share their feelings or desires for appreciation, they do it because that’s just them .. they nest and nurture and build .. and .. make lives – they .. start things.

    Men can’t do that alone, in fact, they can’t do anything alone. A man can’t even start his own self, he needs a woman for that too.

    yalla gatna kheba e7na el reggala.

    write more keda .. 🙂

  3. Rou... said,

    Thanks ya Ayman for your “nice” comment!

  4. Rou... said,

    Ibrahim, my dear,

    I just love it when you leave me a comment… and I love the fact that you cherish women the way you do… you’re one in a million my friend… 🙂

    Thanks for passing by, and ed3eely ah arga3 akteb tany, a7san ana 3andy writer’s block fazeee3a moree3a! 🙂

  5. ibhog said,

    oh, thanks Rou .. I’m so flattered! 🙂

    and yes, write write .. the block will dissolve isA 🙂

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