July 11, 2010

Rabena Yedeem El Ma7abba!

Posted in English, Reflections at 11:29 am by Rou...

I haven’t been feeling ok since… quite some time… I have been in a very bad mood… I literally entered my shell and stayed in for a while away from everybody… I kept some considerable distance even with close friends, because I didn’t wanna talk… didn’t wanna share anything… I just needed my time… MY quality time… all alone…

Close friends understood this… knowing me, they gave me my space (or took a step back za3al-wise, I really don’t know)… but funny enough that those who really stick to me were not that close… Yes, I have been given a kind of support that I never expected… a different type of support…

You know I’ve always been fascinated about the idea of talking out your deepest pains and worries with strangers… I am not saying this was the case this time (although I did that before), but I’m saying that it was quite impressing for me to get support from those particular people… Not because they are not supporting by nature, bel3aks, they are amazingly good people who can give you immense care… but the point is… I never thought they would give ME this kind of support… because we’re friend yes … but not close ones…

I don’t know how to describe this because the list of incidences goes long… but, for instance, when someone you barely talk with tells you that you leave a mark and that it’s almost impossible that someone knows you and forget about you… and you know he’s sincere in it… wala another one who tells you, you’re not allowed to feel down for a long time, because you bring happiness to everyone you come across, and she’s as serious as hell in saying it… wala when yet another one tells you that your smile brings sunshine to anyone who see it, and you see her insisting on bringing the smile back to your face… when you receive calls from people you barely spend time with unless for a reason, just checking on you… you cannot really ignore this and stay in your shell… I mean… they did make a difference…

So, to those very special people, I cannot say except you seriously walked me out of a very critical phase of my life… and for this, I cannot thank you enough… I will always remember how you supported me in one of the worst periods that passed by me… and if you know me enough, you’ll know that I never forget whatever good, people did for me…

Rabena yedeem el ma7abba! 🙂




  1. ibhog said,

    I so relate to this, having people is always a good thing; any kind of people.

    sometimes .. someone just has to be there to catch those parts of you that fall off ..

  2. Rou... said,

    I tend to agree with you ya Ibrahim, it is always amazing to have someone lifting you up in your downs… although I’ve always believed eno I am better off on my own, specially when I am so downhearted…

    Bas, this time, begad it was a blessing fe3lan having them around!

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