September 10, 2010

Happiness Game!

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People tend to think that as days passes by; they can feel better and more relieved from whatever troubles and tribulations life has brought them…. It’s true… but in certain things it’s the opposite… you know, sometimes it feels like a flash, in certain moments I feel as if it never happened and it’s all kinda a bad dream, and in some other days, I feel it was like 10 years ago, yet, I still feel empty and lonely in all cases…
I am not saying that “C’est la vie” concept or the “Life Goes On” theme are wrong to believe in… it’s just that I’m so confused from how sarcastic life acts sometimes… and I get overwhelmed by its happening and just… lose control over my mood… However, I’m trying to hold on and keep faith… and begad walahy still hoping for the better… and still dream, that may be after all I haven’t lived the best day in my life yet…
Someone told me once about a cartoon series (can’t remember its name) which was all about that little girl who used to live a good life (prospectively good) and all of a sudden her life turned upside down into the worse… And there was that old wise man who was trying to ease her pain by helping her to put a rosy mask over DARK things…
He said to her “inside every bad or sad thing that happen to us, there lie hidden good or joy… and it’s our task to find the good that lies within” and he named that thing: “Happiness Game”… The main purpose of the game was to try to search for happiness inside the sad things that happen to her… After my father passed away back in 2006 I tried convincing myself that I’m going to be a good player in this game… and even though I don’t believe I won it till now, but I guess I’ll just keep trying… and so should everybody else…
And like I always say quoting Tom Hanks in Cast Away movie…
And I know what I have to do now… I gotta keep breathing… Because tomorrow the sun will rise… Who knows what the tide could bring…?
Happy Eid Fetr,


  1. Mermaid said,

    I do admire your persistence. Only STRONG people are persistent. May you always be inspirational in all the beautiful things you are, dear 🙂

    Happy ka7k 7abibty :))

  2. Rou... said,

    🙂 Thanks ya folla, Happy Eid!

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