September 22, 2010

Religions Vs. Ethics in Schools

Posted in English, Reflections at 2:35 pm by Rou...

A colleague of mine came a while ago very furious about an incident that happened to her boy in school… she’s Christian, her son is in grade 6 in the primary stage, and for the past 5 years has been in the same class along with 2 other Christian kids and the rest are Muslims… out of nowhere this year the school management decided to move the Christian kids into another class that has a majority of Christian pupils… why did they do so? Don’t jump into conclusions, it has nothing to do with any discrimination of any kind… they had a much more “logical” reason… they did so, because they wanted to fit the schedule to better accommodate the “Religion” classes…

The interesting thing was how they did it… for a starter the new school year began with 2 of the 3 kids finding themselves in a different class than the one they were used to, and when their parents asked, they were told the reason I mentioned above… the funny thing is that they left 1 Christian boy in the old class, and when they discovered this “mistake”, the following scenario happened… the teacher/administrator responsible for the classes organization came to him in the class, and requested to talk to him alone… when he went out with her, she told him, you are here by mistake dear, you should be in the other class with your Christians friends, because this class is all Muslims… the boy was like HUH!… he didn’t even understand what she was talking about… to make things even more “exciting”, the same woman took him back into the class and infront of all the class of “Muslims” told them… X will not be able to be in this class anymore and will be gone to the other class, not for anything; he’s a very good boy, and he did nothing wrong, it’s just that he is Christian and will have to go to the other class with the rest of the Christian pupils…!!!

My colleague who was telling me the story is quite positive that there’s no discrimination intended whatsoever… She was just very furious from the fact that they are doing this in the first place, she kept telling me that all his friends are Muslims; and that she doesn’t want him to live isolated without getting introduced to the other… then someday come out to the world and find out that there are different people and different beliefs…

What really mattered to me was not only the fact that they are doing so, but was more of the way it was all handled… I mean… Can you imagine what a disaster this woman has done…? She has planted the first seed of not accepting the other in the minds of those little kids… she has conveyed the message of “we’re different” in the backend of their minds… that kid whom she told you have to move because you are Christian, it was a message of “you are different”… and those kids in the class whom she told he has to move because he is Christian, it was a message of “he is different”…

For God’s sake… what is this whole thing all about…? Is it really for teaching “Religion” in schools…?
Well, I personally do prefer that they teach “Ethics” in schools in those classes instead… Ethics that has nothing to do with what religion you believe in, rather than teaching “Religion” and leaving the kids with such a grudge and hatred in their back minds…




  1. Asmaa said,

    Hi Rou :))
    I am really astonished from this “TEACHER”.. who appeared not to be noticing what she was teaching indirectly to these little kids…
    I was raised up and educated in a Sister’s school, and really when I was young I didn’t feel any difference …And I am not here talking about muslims and christians .. or the relation between the mature people from here or there.
    But also, I am not into replacing the Religion class with an “Ethics” class…
    Because of many things … First, that this is one of the things that needs to be teached .. and at least .. childern may be raised up knowing the motives for behaving well and the rewards from God, and how simple actions can really matter…
    May be we may add an ethics class beside, and this is by the way what teachers are supposed to be doing without formal classes with names… and this really happpened in my school when I was young as well.. some teachers took from their class time just to teach us manners

    Also, I am afraid that may be some childern may miss a lot by not being teached religion at school. Because some families may not send their children to churches and mosques, for so many different reasons

  2. Rou... said,

    Hey Ya Asmaa,

    First of all thank you so muc for your feedback…

    Regarding the Ethics Vs. Religion thing, I wasn’t really promoting anything here, it’s my personal reflection regarding this sad incident… If Religion classes in schools are going to convey such messages, then I absolutely believe we should go for Ethics, Manners and Morals classes instead… which is in all cases the core of all Relgions, regardless the rituals of each…

    I am not against teaching Religion in schools in general, I myself have learned a lot of good religious info in school, but if the result would be a community that is raised on being separated from each other with such a seed growing by time, then I totally prefer that Religion e taught at homes, mosques, and churches instead…

    The least we need now is such a disaster…

    Again, thank you SO much for sharing your experience with me over here… 🙂

  3. Lost and Found said,

    Hi Rou…
    This has nothing to do with ethics or religion or anything…This happened only because almost every sector in Egypt is directed by a group of amatures with absolutly no clue what they are doing…NO SYSTEM.
    This how Egypt was and will always be….

  4. Rou... said,

    Couldn’t agree more ya Ramy!

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