April 17, 2011

Of Power and Pharaohs…

Posted in English, Quotes, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician at 6:05 pm by Rou...

A friend forwarded today an email from AUC’s president Lisa Anderson notifying the AUC community that starting April 17th 2011, the Suzan Mubarak Conference Hall of the AUC will be changed to Waleed Building P071… He was mainly wondering if history is repeating itself by removing Mubarak’s names from Cities, Bridges, Underground stations, conference halls, and his pictures from all the public places, comparing this to the aftermath of the 1952 Coup d’état which lead to removing everything related to King Farouk for years from Egypt’s history…

Personally speaking, I am pro removing the Mubarak Family names from any official or non-official venue, because it was not right having their names put in the first place… take one famous example of the Police Academy, why on earth would it be called after a president’s name…?

However, the interesting point to me was tackling the idea of removing the whole history of this era, not only the names… One of the very provoking scenes for instance was watching the picture of King Farouk in Black and White movies with scratches over it, as if they wanted to remove anything related to this era by just removing a picture in a movie… the thing is, no matter how dark a period seem to be and whether we liked it or not, it is part of our history, and it is only by understanding our mistakes during this era, that we will be able to lead a better life…

In his email, my friend said: “I hope we will be removing them, not replacing them with pictures and names of our new ‘elected’ enemy”… His words left me wondering actually; why do we need to have a picture of the president or his name put anywhere… I can only see it as our way of creating our own Pharaohs… but, now that we are – hopefully – going to have an employee in the president’s vacancy and not another Pharaoh, so I hope we will not do the same mistakes all over again… Egypt’s name, flag or any other portrait can be hung on walls, and not the coming president’s picture… Places can someday be called after somebody’s name, but not while he is in power, and only if he had done something exceptional, not his basic job…

I always keep this quote in my mind: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”… so, in short, the last thing we need is overrating those in power once again…



  1. Lost and Found said,

    I think we have established that the Power of people is much more stronger and effective than the people in power…I totally agree with you,Rou,Well Said.

  2. Lost and Found said,

    I thin we established through our revolution that the power of people is much more stronger and effective than the people in power.i totally agree with you,Rou,Well said.

  3. Rou... said,

    True ya Ramy… True… it’s just a reminder that we cannot do this to ourselves again…

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